2020 Most Effective Content Marketing Tools

Best content marketing tools

Thinking to revise your marketing strategy this year? Or create a new marketing strategy that is best for your brand?

Before we tackle our most effective content marketing too, let us first understand what content marketing and what does it do to brands.

So, content marketing is a strategy to engage your audience in order for them to trust your brand by providing valuable information or any information that matters for your audience. The thing is, the information isn’t always about the product, like what traditional marketing does. But it is really all about the audience.

So, how do marketers do this? Its rather simple, first is to know who their audience is and what topics that piqued their interest and deliver it to them. It sounds difficult or rather not, whatever it is, marketers need tools to do this task, especially measuring the success of the campaigns.

Out of the thousands of content marketing tools present around, we have compiled the most effective content tools that will certainly help marketers’ efforts and campaigns.

What is designing?

Designing is really important for any content marketing efforts, and the audience really loves beautiful designs.

Our recommendations are below:

Designing tool

  • Canva– is one of the best designing tool available when doing your creative design, apart from it’s a free tool, using Canva, you make beautiful logos or banner from them because of the templates that they have and it is all rather easy to use, which is why they are loved by many designers. The only downside of Canva is that they have limited photo editing features so if you are planning for photo editing, Canva is not really suited for it, and you need a more powerful tool to do it.

Designing tool

  • Stencil– probably one of the best graphic tools around, but the thing is that they almost have the same uses with Canva, but it has its own perks which are different from Canva and vice versa. Anyway, it’s just a matter of preference on which your designing tool wanted to use.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing– the thing is emails will not exist without content, and with email, you can reach your target audience. So having a powerful email-marketing platform will surely aid your marketing campaign.

Our recommendations for email-marketing platforms are below:

Best email marketing tool

  • MailChimp– Almost every digital marketer knows MailChimp, they are one of the most famous email marketing platforms around. But it does not really mean that they are the best. But if you are just starting out, this would be your best option, but if you already have thousands or millions of subscribers, you should switch to a better platform. The major downside of MailChimp is their automation, many suggest that their automation is lacking something and it is not that user-friendly. But overall, they are a good email-marketing platform that will surely help your marketing effort.

Best email marketing tool

  • GetResponse– because of MailChimp’s poor automation, this platform boasts its really powerful automation at a competitive price. They have features that are very unique to them and must be checked out, one of this is Autofunnel which takes care of email traffic generation, another important feature of this platform is that it has its own webinars as well as inbuilt CRM which you won’t commonly see on any email platform.

Best email marketing tool

  • Buzzstream– if you find the two above not suited for you and you think you are more into email outreach, this is the best platform for you. Since they offer valuable features such as their impressive campaign management, contract templates, and its additional CRM feature. This email outreach tool was even dub as “the only email outreach tool that you will ever need”.

What is Social Media Scheduling Tool?

Social Media Scheduling Tool- have you ever thought about how important to schedule your post on social media? There are specific plenty of specific studies that prove how important to schedule your post online especially for businesses or for social media managers.

So, here are our best recommendation for social media scheduling tools:

Social Media Scheduling Tool

  • Tailwind– do you want to increase your social media follower, specifically your Pinterest account? Well, this is the best tool for you, since they are an official partner of Pinterest. Its most notable feature is the Pin inspector which allows users to see how popular the pins are.

Social Media Scheduling Tool

  • Buffer– heralded as the easiest to use social media scheduler platform but with a specific downside, its price. Well, if you don’t have problems with money and you can spend extra bucks when doing your social media campaign, this is the best for you.

Social Media Scheduling Tool

  • Hootsuite– do you have multiple social media account? And find it very hard to keep up with them. With Hootsuite, you won’t need any other tools with it. it is already a complete tool with all the essential things that you need when working with scheduling. They have a very advanced feature for social media management. The only downside of Hootsuite is its price unless you can afford to use it. It won’t have any problems.

What is SEO?

SEO – just as what Forbes said “SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul”, that is how important the relationship between SEO and content marketing. So, choosing the SEO tool plays great importance for any content creators/marketers.

Below is our recommendation for the best SEO tool that you can use:

SEO tool

  • SEMRush– with this tool, you won’t need another SEO tool around, it’s already a complete package; they have a tons of features that a marketer or SEO can use, but in contrast, its dashboard can be overwhelming for a new user, but because of that they also offer learning modules and webinars to educated new users or to update experience user them into the trends.

SEO tool

  • Ahref– this tool may not be the best for everything, but what makes this tool very useful for content marketers is its capability for backlink building, they are exceptional about it and could worth a try. You cannot top at google ranking if you have poor backlinks. Furthermore, they also offer features that are present on other SEO tools. As for its price, it is not really that pricey and its best for SMB!

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