Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Huge Commissions in 2020

Best Affiliate Programs

If you own an online site, and you want to earn from it, then considering affiliate programs is a noble move. These days, many website owners earn substantially from partnering with various companies through affiliate programs.

In affiliate marketing, there are multiple affiliate programs to consider when you decide to take your website to the next level. They vary from business, marketing, website builders, various products, online courses among others. In this article, we will focus on the best affiliate programs that pay huge commission in 2020.

Before then, let us look at a few things you need to know in this context. It will help you get a full understanding of what the subject is all about. Read on!

What is an Affiliate Program?

For easy understanding, an affiliate program is like a consensus between the product creator and another business (affiliate). In the agreement, the affiliate is paid a commission for facilitating sales or traffic on their way. This happens through social media, web content or product integration.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to a process by which a blog owner earns through commission for marketing products owned by a particular company or brand. As an affiliate/blog owner, you identify the product you love, then focus on marketing it to make a profit from every sale. Each sale is tracked through an affiliate link and paid based on pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per click.

What is internet cookie

What is Cookie length/cookie life/cookie Window?

It refers to the length at which the cookie will be tracking the particular user’s online activity. For instance, if the cookie life is 10 days, it means you will be paid only when your referral purchases within 10 days.

Best affiliate program Highest Commission

Best Affiliate Programs With The Highest Commission


Through the eBay partner network, you get a commission of 50-70% depending on the product category. The site is well known for over a billion listing, and customers can find every product they need. In every item sold, eBay charges the seller an auction fee. The commission percentage is based on this fee. The cookie life is 24hrs for immediate items and 10 days for auction items.

Check eBay Affiliate Program


Through Amazon associates, you enjoy a commission of 1-10%. However, it depends on the product category.  Among the most purchased products are luxury products and clothes. Amazon is among the top and most known shopping sites, and you will nearly find everything you want. Because people know and trust Amazon, you will find little challenges selling here. The cookie life is 24hrs.

Check Amazon Affiliate Program


Walmart is a general site retailer that is widely known. The site layout is impressive; it has multiple products and compared to most other sites, it sells items at a lower price.  If you choose to do affiliate marketing with this site, you will earn 1% to 4% from purchases in most categories. You need to enroll for Walmart Affiliate Link. The cookie duration here is three days.

Check Walmart Affiliate Program


Udemy is, with no doubt, the best paid site for online courses on the web. With thousands of published courses, books and training materials, in almost all niches, it is worth trying. Enroll for Udemy Affiliate Sign Up and get to enjoy one of the best commission on affiliate marketing. Here, you will earn either from beginner or advanced affiliate levels. The average commission is 25% of the course price with a cookie duration of 7 days.

Check Udemy Affiliate Program


Clickbank tops the list of those oldest affiliate platforms available on the web. Here you will find multiple physical and digital products in the various categories. Earning from this site is by Clickbank Affiliate Network. Each item as varying commission rates and cookie duration. Another advantage is that the site is friendly for beginners. It is not very restrictive and does not require much from you even when starting. Also, it is ideal for advanced affiliates.

Check ClickBank Affiliate Program


As the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor helps travelers to know where to stay, what to do in particular places, where to travel, and how to travel in those places. Here, there are multiple options. You get to compare the prices of the hotels and choose what suits your budget. The cookie life here depends on the session. Most important is the commission. You will earn a 50% commission from the revenue generated when a user engages the affiliate links or ads linking to the parent site. Unlike other affiliate programs, here you don’t wait for buyers to purchase a product. Clicking the link or ads guarantees payment.

Check TripAdvisor Affiliate Program


Cheapflights helps you get the best travel site. You will compare the tickets and get the best deal. The commission here is on a flat rate, and cookie life is per the session. You earn $0.45 on laptop and desktop and $0.25 for mobile. An advantage here is that you are paid for sending traffic and not bringing onboard paying customers.

Check Cheapflights Affiliate Program


The platform plays a key role in email marketing. It helps users to grow their client base through various means like email campaigns, landing pages and forms. A unique feature of the ConvertKit program is that you will earn a 30% commission on every webinar subscriber or customer. The commission is recurring. The cookie window is 30 days.

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Best Affiliate Programs that Pay huge commission

AWeber is a great autoresponder tool backed by millions of users. That means it is excellent for email campaigns and newsletters. It is an established site having been in operation since 1998. When you are an affiliate here, the commission is 30% recurring for the in house program with one year cookie life, or you still can choose the CJ Affiliate option (45 days cookie window).

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