Best Data Entry Jobs to Work from Home

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Are you planning to work on data entry jobs from your home?

Making money out of our internet connection has already become very popular, but at the same time, there are also a lot of scam jobs that are spreading in the web since there is no personal contact and your employers are not physically present.

Despite these risks, many are drawn in these particular jobs.

Necessary skills for doing data entry jobs

  • Typing speed– most of your clients will ask how fast you can type words per second without errors. This is a very necessary skill for any data entry job, not only you will have time to do more tasks, your clients also will love to give you more task because you can finish your task on or before the set deadline. So, practice those proper hand position for typing.
  • Attention to Detail– this skill is very easy to say but it is difficult to do. Imagine doing a thousand row of inputs and you made a single error. That single error would ruin your reputation saying that you have good attention for details. Most clients in any job don’t want you to have errors or else you will lose your job. So, peel your eyes and double-check or even triple check your work!
  • Communication Skills– is all about understanding what your clients want and also to make him understand you. Since there is no physical contact or you can’t see your clients personally you should enhance your communication skills. If you can’t properly communicate with them, you will either lose your data entry job or your clients will be displeased. If you want to enhance your communication skills, better check some YouTube tutorials for any tips and tricks.
  • MS Office/Google Sheets skills– since, most data entry jobs are compiling data. You need to learn to have a mastery of these programs. But other collaborative workplaces will be going to work with, it all depends where your clients wanted you to work. At last those old-school-days Microsoft Office masters can be put to work!

Aside from skills, you will also need to have a necessary attitude when doing this kind of work. As for me, the most important attitude when doing this work is patient, it’s not easy to work the same thing for a very long time.

You will also need a lot of coffee to keep your eyes open.

Arming yourself with these skills and attitudes, Data entry jobs should be a breeze from you.

Let us visit be the best Data Entry Jobs to Work from Home

Best data entry jobs

  1. Upwork – known as the largest freelancer website. There are myriads of Data Entry jobs that you can find here. Though you have to pay for every attempt to apply to any posted job, except if you have a very attractive profile and very lucky, someone will send you an offer to work with them. The only downside in Upwork is that it is no longer free but this is to filter out spam application, and also its competition, knowing that it is the largest platform for freelancers, except high competition.Interesting data entry jobs
  2. AccuTran Global – Known as the largest transcriptionist company which also offers a lot of due to the sheer magnitude of jobs and data entry is one of them. For applying here, you will be screen our thoroughly, with at least 70 words per minute as one of their basic requirement, there is also a lot of tests that you will go through. After passing all those tests, you will have to wait at least 6 weeks before they are going to reply. But it’s fine after you get past all those tests. You will be given a task eventually. For your schedule, you will be asked what time you are going to be available. So, you will need patience and a good typing speed to be successful in this entry jobs in click worker
  3. Clickworker – is a company known to break-down large projects to a smaller project. Most of the tasks are data entry, transcription, writing and research. The major downside here is that this is not a sustaining job because the pay varies significantly and it will be difficult to know how much are you going to earn a week, but if you are looking for a part-time job, this could be the thing for you. And there is also a very large competition in the market place, so you will need to be very competitive to be successful in these careers.freelancer in golance
  4. Golance – if you are looking for an alternative for Upwork, this could be your choice, having only a 7.95% flat fee, unlike Upwork which varies depends on how much you earn; the bigger you earn the less the fee. Here in Golance, you don’t need to worry about how many jobs you are going to bid, so you can practically spam your application to any job opening on which you think will fit in your taste. For applying, you don’t need to worry, they only have a few tests and it doesn’t matter you passed or not, as long as you have taken their test. In Golance, it’s easy to enter but it doesn’t mean that you will easily land on a job. You will need to know how to stand out from the entry in smart crowd
  5. The Smart Crowd – This is another alternative for Clickworker they also offer a lot of jobs which is only good for part-timers because it’s not sustainable. There are also a lot of opportunities here, but as mentioned above it will get you nowhere, just a few extra incomes. But because it is rather easy to join, it’s good for those who are just starting.

Out of these 5 sites, Upwork is for sustainability but if you are just starting, you should first try the other 4 sites. After developing yourself, you could try to join Upwork and try to find a full-time data entry job in there. You should also prepare for investing in a paid account in Upwork. It will give you an edge over those other freelancers that relay non-paid accounts.

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