Free Marketing eBooks That Will Make You a Better Marketer

free marketing ebook

If you are a marketer and in search of Free marketing ebooks that will make you a better marketer, this article is for you. You can attest that achieving the best in this industry requires one to be equipped with the best marketing skills. As much as you would want to be successful in your marketing, you need to put search relevant sources of information to learn from. Fortunately, the existence of ebooks has made it easy to access information without considering the traditional library system.

free ebook

Unleash Possible by Samantha Stones

This book has well-established subtitles that play as the critical thesis. It features 15 chapters that include question lists, the framework, templates, and other factors that make the book recommendable. You can find a few books that bury their content on too much theory, but Stones put up this book in the most practical way.

Stones also focus on the best marketing strategies based on the explanation of how marketing plays a significant role in different programs. As a marketing consultant, you can understand why Samantha brings out her book in an exquisite manner.

free marketing ebook

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

As a great thought leader in marketing, you can understand why this book falls in position two. The book focuses on a central theme dubbed “you can’t be seen until you learn to see.” From this context, you can be sure it is a remarkable read to consider.

One of the things that Godin emphasizes is the over-reliance of lazy marketers and those who cut prices and race to the bottom. Besides that, he points out the importance of marketers to pick a story and stick to it even when other marketers get tired of it.

free marketing ebook

Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

The book might not be the latest in the market, but it still offers the kind of information that modern digital marketers need to succeed. The book provides a how-to guide on running a successful program in your company. It also emphasizes the need to evolve towards growth and focusing on channels that will help in your marketing activities to avoid being left out.

free marketing ebook

Create Buyer Personas That Work by Wyzowl

Wyzowl offers a step-by-step guide on how to create a buyers persona for your business, which will help in your growth. The book highlights the importance of resonating with the audience as much as you would have great content. Therefore, it offers tips on how to speak a language that resonates with the audience. Besides that, it includes a free guide on how to create a buyer persona.

free marketing ebook

Paid and Earned By Jay Baer

Jay Baer tries to answer some waring questions raised by most marketers about how to create an influence on the industry. Its focus on influence since Jay argues that it is the best strategy to maintain visibility and conversation.

The book also answers the idea of whether to concentrate on a paid influencer or earned influencer, different types of influencers, and emphasis on creating a brand to influence.

free marketing ebook

Big Book of Digital Marketing

This features a 130 paged book that uses graphics wisely to attract leaders on its cover page. It offers informative pictures and that are provided when necessary. It covers essential topics such as SEO, content marketing, website redesign, Pinterest, and SMM.

free marketing ebook

Fifty Shades of Digital Marketing by Francesca James and Hannan Durham

Well, once you hear fifty shades, you might be wondering whether you are getting a copy of the famous Hollywood movie. But, no, this is an entirely different book that focuses on digital marketing. It has fifty chapters, hence the name fifty shades, and each topic covers different views given by various digital marketing experts.

free marketing ebook

Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones

This is a medium-sized book that any moderate reader can choose. It offers modules of digital marketing, which provide details about marketing fundamentals, which are ideal marketing strategies for businesses.

Final Words

As Benjamin Franklin once said

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

It is crucial to consider reading as your routine if you want to succeed in digital marketing. A lot of things that you will eventually apply in your market space will depend on your understanding of the concepts that you get today. Therefore, download either of the above ebooks today and turn your reading to your advantage.

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