How Can I Make Money from Blogging in 2020?

blogger make money online
Have you ever wonder how bloggers are earning money? Well, to answer that question, there are many ways a blogger can earn online. Some bloggers are earning great money doing their website, but how are they exactly earn in blogging? Ask no more, this article will teach you everything you should learn about how to make money from blogging.

How bloggers are earning cash for 2020?

Advertising & Sponsored Content

Mostly this is the way how bloggers are earning their money! There are two types of popular Ads available; the CPC/PPC Ads, which means Cost Per Click (also called pay per click) these ads are mostly banners that are placed in content of the website and time the ads are clicked the bloggers are being paid; the other one is CPM Ads, or “cost per 1,000 impressions,” these ads are also banners but they do not need to be click. Unlike the PPC ads where the viewers need to click in order to get paid. As for the two, CPM ads are more likely traffic-related, the more traffic you have, the more you earn. As for PPC these types of ads are mostly exploited and for forcing you to click on the ads, some bloggers are even locking their content, and for you to see their content, you have first to click on the Ads. But if you have very high traffic, sometimes an advertiser will personally contact you to have their Ads be posted on your contents. If this happens, you can set your own price when doing it.

how bloggers earn money

Affiliate Marketing

If you do not like ads, you can switch to affiliate marketing in which you will market someone else product. And if they buy the product using your links, you can have your incentives for selling the product. To have an idea about how to sell someone else products, you are going to make a review of those products that you are going to sell. There are a lot of affiliate programs to choose from, but the most famous of these programs is amazon affiliate. But if you are very lucky, you can create a partnership with an advertiser and business with an affiliate program.

How bloggers earn online

Sell Digital Products

So if you are not into selling someone else products and into advertising, why not sell your own digital products? Selling digital products is mostly; eBooks– this is very helpful, especially for authors, they can sell their own works online; eCourse– this means, teaching others on what you specialized in; Online classes or workshops, is also teaching but you have to do it live!; Premium Content, means your clients must pay in order to access the contents that you have; Photos, mostly this is for a photographer, they can sell their photos online (be sure to use watermarks); Audio or video, photographers can sell photos right? Why not sell also audios and videos, they are primarily used for marketing though!

how bloggers earn money

Physical Products

If you can sell digital products in blogs, why not sell physical products? Or use your blog to market your physical products from your eCommerce store! The examples of selling physical products are; Handmade Products, most handmade products can be market through your blog, but the best thing to sell handmade products is through social media platforms; Manufactured Products, some bloggers especially bloggers that already selling high amount of products tend to find manufacturers of their products; Retail arbitrage, means you are going to buy local products from your place and sell them on your blog, an example of this is buying a product from your friend and then selling them through your blog or post them on social media to have a decent amount of views. The only problem for this is the logistics since you have to deliver the products, but it can easily do it with the help of a drop-shipping company like amazon.

The above is the best way to earn as a blogger, but there are tons of other ways to earn as a blogger. If you have other talents and skills, you can advertise those talents and skills as a freelancer and sell your services to your clients!

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