How to Build and Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Stack

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You might be wondering, how exactly does marketing stack works and how do they increase my sales? Or simply, how to increase my sales?

Since generations of technology were evolving, it is indeed significant to always keep on track and be updated or probably, in the world of entrepreneurs, you will be lost in the middle of captivation, wondering what happened and how do your sales redirect on an unexpected turn (hopefully not!).

In our technology-driven society nowadays, and considering the fast-rising of the new era, sales are becoming more and more tourney. Rather than using the traditional sales, most owners chose to redesign and use the new approach which is online selling.

Middleman was not significant anymore on this type of sales, altogether, modern team sales use tools as an alternative. These tools were devised to improve and helped grow sales management of the group.

But there are particular things needed to be addressed and must always be kept in mind before diving into this: Marketing Technology Stack will surely elevate sales but, here’s the catch, good results only vary on how you build and manage your tools. In need of advice? Sure. We can give you tips on how to deal with digital marketing and keep up with your competitors and level up or stay on top. But before that, we have to delineate what is a sale.

What is Sale?

Of course, if you are here you probably know what do sales mean. Plainly, sales often distinguished as “giving solutions”, you need to identify the problem first and as a salesperson, you can then give them a solution, plenty of choices solutions.

Furthermore, it is also clarified as trade between two people, the sales rep, and the customer, of hard-earned money for a product.

Sale can be done by traditional sales or on networking such as lead generation. Lead Generation is the transaction between a client and a costumer online. When business was inbound on the internet, the customer can query for a client. And then after a deal is sealed, the costumer can catechize the clients for his/her addresses and questions.

Same as online selling, only not just a service is being on sale but also products.

Marketing Stack

1. Where would you be more comfortable?

SaaS vs. Self-hosted tools

Optimize Your Sales and Market Stack

For starting-up businesses and for owners to shift their target on engaging to the internet or chosen to expose their sales on the online world. You have to know the basics first.

Wait, there are basics? What are these basics you are talking about?

Yes, these two I am talking about is, when handpicking tools you have to be well-informed which either of the two would you be more comfortable with: software as a service (SaaS) or self-hosted tools.

You might be thinking, what are these types of tools. Are there any differences? Okay, let me answer that.

Differences? Yes, of course, there are!

When discoursing about SaaS, it only means that you are more dependent on the internet. Every one of your team will only be going to log in on their account numbers and your businesses are good to go.

To put it in simple terms, SaaS doesn’t need IT professionals to maintain your marketing stacks. Everything would be taken care of by the cloud.

And it only signifies that you have to pay monthly for that application for smoother running of your own limbs or costumer-server tools.

On the other hand, self-hosted tools run as simply as using an application and installed it on your device and experience a personal web on your own.

Unlike, SaaS were you store information on the cloud, on this one, you have to make your own. You have to store this information on your own database.

2. The Nooks and Crooks of your Business.

All-in-one vs. one-by-one tools before diving and choose which tools would be a part of your journey, you have to get to know your business really well. (But, I’m the owner of this business, how could I not know more!)

Optimize Your Sales and Market Stack

Yes, it is important to discern the purpose of your business. There are a lot of tools out there and it could be overwhelming especially for starting-ups businesses. Some of you may witness information overload if you don’t have comprehension on which way would you be taking after knowing different kinds of these tools.

After choosing which type of tools would you be comfortable, you can then decide which application available on the internet would you pick.

On business, a relationship between teammates is very consequential.

Every aspect of your businesses, someone or there are personnel that will be going to handle that: the Graphic Team, the one who assist on Data and Analysis, the one on the Developmental Group, or the one who handles Marketing and Sales, every one of that aspect has their own tools.

Yes! There are tons of tools for that! And it is plainly overwhelming.

If there are so many tools to use, sometimes, it gets on every owner as hard as a rock and boom! They get lost. But here’s a tip: you can use either of the two: All-in-one or one-by-one.

Just like how its name suggests, all-in-one tools are applications or web pages that all of your needs are on it. Yes! Everything, everything on a single platform.

Kantra and ClickFunnels

Marketing tools

And one-by-one were described as otherwise, you can have plenty of tools for each different purpose.

Such as:

For Graphic Editing: Photoshop and window’s PPT

Marketing and Sales: Thrive Leads

Point of sales: Moocomers and Cartflows

Research and Development: Google Optimizing and Google Analytics

Business on the Run

There are tons of other applications available online and you have to choose much very well because marketing stack is only a tool, it could bring up your business or bring them down.

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