Tips on How to Get Clients on Upwork

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Lots of freelancers are trying to get clients on Upwork, but due to extreme competition, finding a client becomes significantly hard. So, here are the best possible tips on finding the right client on Upwork.

Tip on how to get clients on Upwork

1. Specialize your profile- since Upwork

Removes the test-related feature in their platform, you have to create a portfolio the will showcase your skills for that specific task. Do not be a generalist, no clients will be interested in a Jack or Jill of all trades freelancers, but what mostly they wanted is a specialized or an expert on those tasks. But if you have another or a lot of skills, you just have to create another specialized profile for those. The key here is to create a portfolio that will attract clients to hire you.

2. Make a well-written proposal

Making a well-written proposal is somewhat one of the best ways to find a client. But the question is, what are the things that should be done to stand out of those fifty-plus proposals on a single client. My tip for this is since there is a lot of competition, you have to make a statement that will capture the attention of your client and this can be done by reading between the lines of the job that the client has posted and deliver a killer statement to make the client interested in hiring you. After making the client interested, you have to give me more materials like attaching a video introduction and an additional portfolio that is related to the job post.

finding a start up client

3. Find a starting-up client

This is extremely important for freelancers who are just starting out because these clients will try to grow with their first hired freelancers. In most cases, these types of clients are being neglected by experts since they cannot afford to hire them. So, these clients will also try to hire start-up freelancers because they are way cheaper than the experts and also will try to hire them on a long term basis. So, finding a starting up clients is very important for freelancers. But beware, there are a lot of these clients are scammers, so, freelancers should also be vigilant on distinguishing legit clients and scammer clients.

Tip on how to get a client on Upwork

4. Filtering good job post

Most freelancers will use keywords filtering for searching for a job and believe that using this technique saves them time on finding clients. But this wrong, freelancers should notice that clients are human and use different words to express what they have wanted. Some clients will say that they need an entry-level freelancer, but what they mean is they need someone who did it in few times, there are also time that they have posted that they need an expert but what they actually need is an intermediate level freelancer, because of this situation, freelancers must carefully read what is in between the lines of the job posted by the clients to never miss an opportunity.

How to get clients in Upwork

5. Place your bid justifiably

This step is a part of your proposal but this part is very important that it should have its own bullet. Most freelancers especially beginners don’t know their worth yet and a lot of them are making a lot of mistakes when bidding. Bidding in a strategic way could make yourself stand out from the crowds. My tip for bidding strategically is to bid base on what the client wanted, once again you must read between the line of the job post to understand whether the client does not care for the price as long as the quality of the output or they wanted to have a cheap-ass freelancer.

Upwork Interview

6. Be ready for any type of interview

After attracting your client, you should also be ready for an interview. Clients sometimes conduct a lot of interviews to find out that if the particular freelancer is compatible with them, some types of interviews or tests are the behavioral test, critical thinking test, phone interview, video-call interview. During these kinds of interview, freelancers should prove themselves of what they are capable, in order to be hired.

Tip how to get clients in Upwork

There you have it, the tips for how to get clients in Upwork. Now, it’s all up to you on how are you going to use these tips.

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