How to Market Your Business on Craigslist

market your business on craigslist

Founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, Craigslist is among the most popularly used online classified sites of our generation. With millions of people flocking into the site now and then, it means it is an excellent marketing tool you need to give a try to market your business. But how do you thrive and get results there? Well, whether you provide a service, sell and resale products, the tips below explain how to market your business on Craigslist.

identify your target market

Identify Your Preferred Market

The first thing you require is knowing the target place to post your ads. Craigslist has a way of making a classification based on the place of residence. Although many people focus on the city of preference, it helps to recognize that not all locations are city specific.

Look further into the sites within the State, and the areas specified. For instance, if you select Texas, you will notice a list, including its Counties like Dallas. With that, it becomes easy to know where to target within Dallas.

research about your competitors

Research on Your Competitors

Other than being concrete on researching your products and services to come up with an excellent product description, you need to have a look at what your competitors are doing. Through spying, you get to know what works for them.

If you pay attention to how they price, the keywords used, what they are selling, or what they say, the details can help you redefine your Craigslist marketing approaches.

explore title on craiglist

Focus on the Title

The goal is to have both a catchy and intent title. Doing that guarantees the viewers’ attention, and conversion becomes easy. While researching what to write, focus on knowing what can easily motivate the viewer to click the ad.

Avoid grammar mistakes, excess caps, and exclamation marks or commanding your audience. Those who have benefited exponentially from Craigslist marketing argue that phrasing your title in form of a question works magic.


Align Your Words Appropriately

If you want the viewers to read everything you have on the ad, you need to keep it precise. The moment you stretch the sentences, everything becomes boring, and nobody will read that. Short and quicker to read ads have a high conversation rate. Using the headers, numbered and bulleted list also eases ad reading.

Keyword research

Emphasize on Keyword Research

In the body of your ad, you need to include keywords. Those in need of your services and products will search for various terms within a specified location. If you have included keywords in your categories too, your ads will show up easily, and that’s how you increase your chances of making sales.

a powerful picture

There is Power in Pictures

Everybody loves good looking and quality pictures. Even if it means hiring a photographer or investing in a good camera and editing tools, go for it. Remember, a picture speaks a million words, and this guarantees conversion.

Sometimes, viewers will not bother to read the ad, but the picture will capture their attention. A smiling photo, your product picture, or website banner is a good option. Avoid irrelevant photos because nobody will bother to check your advert.

conversant ads

Be Conversant About The Ads

Don’t do everything blindly. Seek information on the right time to post, after how long should you delete them and how to vary your ads. The right time to post is early morning and evening when people are surfing before taking some rest.

Also, if you are targeting a certain State, know their time zone to avoid confusion. Craigslist allows you to post and repost often. However, the policy is clear that you must not repost a similar ad within 48hrs.

Delete your old ads the moment you add a similar ad. The move will help to avoid being flagged as spam. The same will happen when you fail to use varied ads. Prepare multiple ads without duplicating the content to post within a certain period, and this makes everything efficient.

craiglist embrace a link

Embrace A Link

Giving information about your websites enhances trust in viewers. You need to add a link to your website as part of call to action statement. It enables the customers to get extra information before making a decision. Ensure the link leads directly to the service or product page and not your homepage.

Craigslist marketing gives results when you know what you are doing and doing it correctly. It is not just a place for moving people or those looking for romance. If utilized well it can lead to traffic in your business and drive sales.

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