How to Start Your Own Transcription Business

Transcription Business

Are you a transcriptionist and wanted to start a transcription business of your own? This is the perfect advice for you!

Working as a transcriptionist is an appropriate way to make a living while at home or in your business place. There are several factors that you should take note of if you want succeed your professional career. If you want to start your own transcription business you can start by taking my professional advice. Here is a breakdown on everything you need to know on how to start your own transcription business.

transciption business

Evaluate your Qualification

Although transcription is a freelance job, it requires a couple of skills to ensure that you deliver the best. It would help if you learned how to format language and learn a vast of other autonomous procedures and terms needed in this job. Besides that, you need to advance your typing capabilities to ensure that you are accurate. You can only enhance the typing skills by considering the following:

  • Enrolling in a class that teach typing
  • Spending a lot of time practicing how to type. Type anything for fun. Type the old recipes, transcribe your best shows and other jobs that will be fun to you. Just for practice and fun
  • Testing your progress frequently

Consider Specializing in a Specific Field

Evaluating your qualification will also help you decide whether to specialize in a specific field. Your general skills will help you determine what field of practice is suitable to work with or whether to market yourself in various fields. The best way to focus is, to begin with, a field that you are particular about and have acquired enough experience in. Specializing in a specific field will help you in the following ways:

  • Will help you narrow down to clients who are interested with your skills and create a remarkable relationship with them
  • It will help you recognize the technicalities of the industry, which includes the vocabulary and terms
  • Will help you grow as a person in terms of your output and skills

Please note, it is still essential to be versatile with your skills if you want to maintain a significant client base that will help in sustaining your needs. Otherwise, you might focus on specific skills only to realize that it cannot provide enough tasks that will support you in the long term.

Look for Enough Supplies

Transcription Business

A lot of people tend to think that this business is not an investment, which is often wrong. You need to make a few investments if you want to succeed in this field. There is specific equipment that one must need to be productive and efficient in this industry. These supplies are as follows:

  • A transcription software which will offer a considerable advantage over other programs such as MS Word due to its unique features, better shortcuts, hotkeys, and macros that boost accuracy. The software has features you’ll hardly find elsewhere
  • A foot oriented pedal that will help in controlling the level and speed of the audio playback efficiently
  • A headset

Get the Right Certification According to Your Specialization

If you decide to enroll in a transcription course, it is recommended that you get a certificate on the same. Having a certificate provides an upper edge in your job since it proves your credibility, which ensures trust with your clients. In some fields such as medical or legal transcription, it is mandatory to have a certificate to work.

Establish Your Working Criteria

If you intend to be successful in your transcription, you must have work criteria that describe you in this field. Therefore, you must establish a good profile that describes your techniques and the kind of expectations that clients should have from you. You should also consider the time and payment that your clients will expect from you.

It is also essential to establish sound work ethics, which will help you achieve your goals. This starts with establishing goals that you will achieve in both the short and long term. This will help you focus on your success and withstand any challenges that might come along.

Find Enough Clients

Transcription Business

The process of finding clients for your transcription business might be challenging. It is advisable to apply the principle of start small grow big if you wish to be successful. This means that you should start by pitching clients from renowned transcription platforms as you build your reputation. Over time, you will have yourself well-established in the market, which will help you set up your business accordingly. Other ways to find clients include:

  • Taking a full-time transcription job in an office
  • Working as a transcriptionist within your community. You can find works in the local newspaper and other publications.

Brand Your Business

Once you have established enough experience, it is time to establish your own business. Therefore, setting your brand will be a suitable way to get yourself in the market and to your clients. Creating a formal business has quite a lot of considerations that you must make. First, you need to register the business and get the right business license.

If you are expecting to work from your home, you need to adhere to the zoning laws and any other requirements that your area has established regarding home-based jobs. It would be best if you also considered all tax obligations to avoid getting into trouble with the IRS. You should contact a tax counselor, call the IRS, or use their online support portal.

Promote your Business

It is hard to market yourself locally if you do employ relevant marketing strategies. The good thing with transcription is the ability to work with both local and international clients. All you need to do is set up yourself electronically to meet their demands. This can be achieved in the following way:

  • Create a website that will help clients to reach out to you
  • Print a business card and brochures that you can send to potential clients. You can also use them in local businesses
  • Research your competitors and find how they handle their projects to determine what you should improve in.

Keep Track of your Growth

As discussed earlier, you need to establish both short and long term goals that will help you establish yourself in the market. This will help determine whether you are setting the kind of growth that you expect to achieve or whether you need to work harder. It will also help you learn about the trends in your business and know what to improve.


Starting a transcription business is not as simple as it seems. It has its complications that you need to deal with to achieve success. However, with the right strategies and attitude, you will be in an excellent position to meet your expectations.

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