Is it Still Profitable To Make a YouTube Channel in 2020?

YouTube for Beginners

You must have realized that almost everybody has intentions to have a YouTube channel. Well, indeed, YouTubers earn well, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. Globally, there are over five billion views on YouTube daily. All you need to do is ensure you post trending and relevant content.

To be in line with this digital move, the next thing you can do is joining this amazing venture. This article explains how you can earn from YouTube and what you need to know before you start earning. Is it still profitable to Make YouTube Channel in 2020? The answer is definitely, yes! Read on for more details.

Starting YouTube Channel 2020

What you need to know before you Start Making Money on YouTube

YouTube is an avenue that is not biased and provided you follow all the policies that include YouTube new policy 2019; then, it will benefit you optimally. Below are some of the pointers that will guide you as you plan to make money on YouTube.

  • Everyone can enroll, and they will start earning once they comply with the YouTube set standards.
  • You will require to identify a niche that you love, and you are sure of the content and ideas you give.
  • You need to acquire a high-end phone, camera and laptop to allow you to deliver excellent content.
  • Learn how to use the best video editors out there. Whether free or paid version.
  • You will not earn all the millions in one day. Be patient and very dedicated and take it as a business. Hard work is vital.

Focus on YouTube SEO

YouTubers need to optimize their content. How does this happen? First, the title of your videos should be something that people are searching on both YouTube and Google. Not only the title but the description and video tags.

Doing that will give you a chance to rank not only on the YouTube search but also on Google pages. To know how your content is ranking, check the ‘Traffic Source”. Comments, subscribers, reactions and click through rates tell a lot about your ranking.

Utilize a YouTube Marketing Funnel

Once you have the niche and you are a YouTube partner, go ahead and utilize the marketing funnel.  Do you know that using YouTube together with a blog brings in more traffic, and this translates to more income? Well, readers of your blog will be tempted to click the links anytime you send them updates on the emails.

If a blog has many subscribers, the fan base increases. For example, if you are promoting a product, and you write a review with the links, you earn from both YouTube and product commissions.

Profitable YouTube Channel

How can you Earn in Your YouTube Channel in 2020

You can earn from ADS

For you to earn from ads, you need to become a YouTube partner. This allows you to earn in multiple ways. For instance, you can earn from ads that show on your video, chat features, and channel memberships.

However, you need to know that there are rules before you become a YouTube partner. You require 4000 watch hours and at least 1000 subscribers within 12 months. After reaching this threshold, you receive a green dollar sign that notifies you that you are ready for monetization.

YouTube Monetization through Affiliate Links

Affiliate links promotion is a massive YouTube earning opportunity when used rightly. In your videos, you need to indicate these videos or talk about them. You can also put them on the description for the viewers to see.

If you offer tutorials or product reviews, these links help a lot. The moment you recommend a product and the viewer uses your link to acquire them, you earn a commission. There are many affiliate programs out there, and you need to research adequately.

You can Crowdfund Your Channel

If you have loyal fans and subscribers, then you can consider crowdfunding. Here, you encourage friends to make little contributions. It is applicable in both profit and nonprofit channels.

The amount you receive from the contribution helps you fund the new videos and gain a little profit. If you deliver content that viewers want to see, you will receive contributions. People are generous when content is awesome.

You can become an Amazon Influencer

YouTubers are now turning to influencer programs. It can be an Amazon influencer program or service influencing where you encourage people to use a particular service, e.g. a travel company. As an influencer, you need to use your social media platforms maximally.

You can agree with the company you work with the amount they pay based on the views. If you are an Amazon influencer, you will earn a percentage on the product you recommend once the buyer makes a purchase.

How much can you earn from YouTube?


How much can you earn from YouTube?

Well, it all depends on your approach to earning and the views. You will earn $0.30 to $5 for every 1,000 views you get. The Cost per Impression at 1000 views is usually $1. Also, note that YouTube pays when you have a balance of $100 and beyond.

When you utilize the approaches above, you can optimize your earning potential. Earning from ads is through CPV, CPM and CPC basis. In the case of affiliate marketing, you get paid based on conversions. When you have a following big brand with pay you heavily.

Making money as a YouTuber in 2020 is very possible. However, you need to link up with other alternatives to make a huge profit while getting known out there. If you own other platforms like a blog, YouTube SEO helps you rank and profit further. The competition in 2020 is not a joke and you must be ready to deliver ‘pure gold’ content and strategize fully to generate a substantial income.

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